RHI BSL Approved seasoned hardwood logs - Tarleton, Hesketh Bank and Banks in West Lancashire

Authorised RHI Biomass Supplier
(BSL Authorised)


Locally grown, harvested and processed logs. Naturally seasoned firewood.

Crate of BSL approved premium Hardwood Logs: Approx .58m3 dry, seasoned mixed hardwood logs ready to burn.
In Stock
Builders bag of Softwood Logs:
A builders bag (approx .6 m3) of mixed softwood logs seasoned, split and sawn to length. Ready to burn.
In Stock
Softwood cord wood and tree rings for you to split:
A cubic meter of harvested softwood in mixed diameters and lengths for you to split, store and season.
In Stock
Wood Chunks: 80ltr bag of dry mixed hardwood wood chunks. Ideal for use in chimineas, wood fired pizza ovens, BBQ's and fire pits.
In Stock
Kindling: 20ltr sack of dry chopped sticks for lighting your fire or woodburner
In Stock
Big Swedish Log Candles: Bone dry and ready to use £12.00
In Stock

Available for collection only, we do not deliver.


Save money and process your own firewood.
Recently felled softwood ready for you to saw, split and stack for use next season.

Cordwood and Arb arisings for sale
Subject to availabilty

Please ring Mark on 07834 324080 (office hours only please)

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Approved Biomass Supplier West Lancashire

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